Back in February, movie lovers were greatly anticipating “The Green Knight” when the trailer first dropped. Coming from A24, the studio behind some sensational movies such as “Hereditary”, “Joker”,  and “Lady Bird”, and from the filmmaker, David Lowery known for his work on 2017’s “Ghost Story”, “The Green Knight” is their take on the “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight” legend.

The last time an Arthurian legend was brought to the big screen was back in 2017 with Guy Richie’s “King Arthur” starring Charlie Hunnam as the title role, but as we know this movie was megaflop.

However, we think that “The Green Knight” will not suffer the same bitter end. With more than 4 million views, the trailer gripped audiences with its medieval fantasy aesthetic, dark tone and brooding setting. The film follows Sir Gawain, King Arthur’s reckless and strong nephew, played by Dev Patel. His question is to confront the mysterious Green Knight, a monstrous green-skinned warrior to prove his worth in the eyes of his Kingdom and his family. From what the trailer tells us, Gawain has many obstacles in his way, including what looks like a heinous giant, frightening ghosts and wicked bandits.  While keeping to its roots, David Lowery looks to have put a fresh spin on the classic Arthurian tale.


The film was due to be released to cinemas in Summer 2020, but of course, with the pandemic, we’re all in, the film was delayed. Unfortunately, it sounds like no one quite knows what audiences will be able to see this incredibly moving, including David Lowery himself.

“No one knows. That’s the case with everything at the moment. No one knows anything,” Lowery said to IndieWire.  “All I can say is that at some point audiences will see it. And they’ll see it in the best way possible, given the circumstances. Hopefully, that’s in theatres. Hopefully, theatres survive. I’m a big-time defender of the theatrical experience, and one of the things I love about A24 is that they are as well.”

With no news yet on when the movie will be released, audiences will just have to keep the hype soaring, so that this potentially incredible film does not get lost in the shuffle. Whether we see it on the big screen or streaming from home, this movie deserves to be seen.

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