WATCH – Last Leg (2016) by Ella Bennett

LAST LEG (2016) by British Filmmaker Ella Bennett


Based on a true story. Teenaged Reyna, struggles to pursue her passion in swimming, facing domestic abuse from her father.

“My mother was the biggest inspiration when making this film as it is based on her. She’s been through abusive relationships as a child and as an adult and she overcame the trauma. Now she’s a multiple award winning estate agent. She possessed her life with her own hands. I want to be able to do the same.

I was extremely nervous about the whole project especially displaying the abuse. But once I got my mums blessing on it I knew I couldn’t hold anything back I had to give the story the justice it deserved.”

Ella’s passion for directing began at aged 15 when creating a documentary about Southwark estates. She has created over 40 short videos including music videos, promos, short films and documentaries over the past seven years, as well as gaining experience in assistant directing on seven short films.

Ella’s short film Last Leg has been officially selected to screen globally including being broadcasted on London Live and winning Best Short at the London Independent Film Festival. She has also had her short film feature on Channel 4’s First Acts Channel. She is currently working freelance, developing her feature film debut with Film London.


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