The UK independent scene is thriving! We are witnessing a plethora of creative individuals making steps to create their own content with varied narratives. Kashif Boothe is one of them.

Imperfect is a drama/comedy web series  starring Lauren Douglin and Abbie Samuel.

Imperfect follows Michelle (Lauren Douglin) after her public split with her ex-boyfriend, she’s not ready to start dating but runs into an old flame (James Merrill) and is open to love again but won’t let her wall down which effects her potential new relationship.

Sam (Abbie Samuel) is looking for the perfect guy and isn’t ready to compromise what she thinks is right for her, until she meets Jason (Abayomi Oniyidie) an average guy who challenges her perspective on the what she thought her ideal guy was. But are they right for each other? Imperfect is the spin-off to the award winning web series Nate & Jamie.


Lauren Douglin, Abbie Samuel, James Merrill, Abayomi Oniyidie , Ione Anthony, Hayley Konadu, Morgan Archer.


Created/Director By Kashif Boothe, Executive Producer/Director/1st AD  Yazzmin Anderson – Moore, 2nd ADs – Kadeem Whyte/Elizabeth Rufai , DOP – Oliver Newman/Kawthar Talbi, Camera Operators – Bad Raccon Media, Ashling Sugrue, AlphaMegaProductions, Paul Bonsu, Sound Operators – Ben Adams, Massimo Di Francessco, Production Assistant – Funmi Aiyenuro, Original Music By – KRMuze, Edit Consultant – Roshane Newman, Graphics – Saraphina Mattis

Season 1

S1E1 – Starting Over

S1E2 – Old Habits

S1E3 – The Dinner Party

S1E4 – Double Trouble

S1E5 – Doubt–Jwse-XdgA


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