Housemates is the new show from award-winning actor and filmmaker
Anthony Vander, that explores themes of relationships, education and cultural
identity, during a day in the life of three best friends, Ashley (Jade Abode), Leon (Anthony Vander) and Kwame (Greg David Monga).

Leon, a charismatic DJ, is pushed into a corner by his fellow housemates to
take a one-day tutoring gig. With zero enthusiasm and preconceptions about
how the session will go, Leon is surprised to learn that Ashley’s nephew, Kyle,
is a child prodigy when it comes to Maths and English.By contrast, the independent and graceful Ashley is deflated following a disaster date and shares her experience with Leon, only to find out that he has been similarly luckless in love.

Career-driven housemate Kwame returns from work to the positive news of
Leon’s tutoring, only to come crashing back down to earth once he hears of
Ashley’s plans to cook Nigerian Jollof rice – a dish he is adamant has been
perfected by Ghanians, prompting a West African Jollof standoff. Charming,
insightful and relatable, Housemates is a reminder that our friends are
sometimes the best reflection of who we are.


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