Trieve Blackwood-Cambridge (left), Kayode Ewumi (right)

Kayode Ewumi is back with a full season of the warming comedy-drama Enterprice. The series appears to be an early hit with in the conscience inclusion of Afro-Carribean culture, relevant soundtracks and a new narrative away from the stereotypical gangs and violence narrative that usually involves a diverse cast. The co-lead Jeremiah played by Trieve Blackwood-Cambridge, is the more intelligent, academic, calming character. His realistic and logical approach perfectly counter balances the off the cuff mentality of Kazim.

Kazim played by Kayode Ewumi and Jeremiah are attempting to grow their fledgling delivery business, Speedi-Kazz. In episode 1 of the series, the duo land the opportunity to pitch for £20,000 in front of some London’s most successful entrepreneurs. In attempt to win the funding, both Kazim and Jeremiah think of best strategy to impress the judges. As expected, nothing is ever straight forward for the comical business owners.

You can watch all 4 episodes of Enterprice on BBC iplayer here.

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