“This one feels different to the last one. I put more on the line and exposed different parts of my vulnerability. Itried to access feelings and emotions I never knew I had and put them on the screen”

The driving force behind ‘Dear Male Ego 2’ is to challenge the societal constructs of male conventions amongst the millennial generation; and is the second of many visual albums by Darnell Depradine – which directly challenges societal perceptions and broadens the mind of his audience.

“I tried to really hit different audiences with this one, I want it to have a worldwide audience. You can see who I’m inspired by when you watch it, you may notice some Kahlil Joseph again and maybe some Spike Lee too”

Sold out screening of Dear Male Ego 2

Darnell Depradine is an up and coming director from the heart of East London. At only 21, he has already worked some of the biggest names in the industry. Darnell was chosen to film a documentary for REVOLT TV called ‘What’s That Sound?’; which aired on American TV and is now available to watch online.

“Directing and editing Shae’s ‘Big Mistake’ video was amazing as it oozes
female empowerment and I enjoyed using specific colours to portray emotions- I love to do this in all my videos!”

His Directing has attracted attention from some of the UK’s biggest underground
radio stations and has been interviewed by Brown X Blue on Reprezent Radio 107.3FM, and LDNRBS on Pulse 88 Radio.

As well as directing music videos, Darnell has filmed events such as the Afro Hair and Beauty Show and SBTV Summer Cookout. He’s accomplished all of this whilst studying a Film Practice Degree at London Southbank University.

“These films are my release, it’s my thoughts on-screen and everything I’ve wanted to say but I felt like i couldn’t word them properly”

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