Youtubers and longtime friends Markiplier (Mark Fischbach) and CrankGamePlays (Ethan Nestor) have embarked on a new ambitious project, leading to self-destruction. 

The duo have unveiled Unus Annus, a new Youtube channel where they will upload one video every day for an entire year. Once the year is up, they’ll delete the channel, and erase all their videos from existence. 

So far the channel is on their third month, having begun back in November 2019 and have achieved 2.16M subscribers – their first 1M was reached after their first video was uploaded. 

“Death comes for us all, and I am no exception,” Markiplier says in the announcement video “Ethan is no exception. And this channel is no exception. In exactly one year, we will be deleting it, along with every single video on it. But in that year we have left, why not make some memories? Join us, or don’t, but in the end, you won’t have a choice. Memento mori. We’ll see you on the other side.”

Join us, or don’t, but in the end, you won’t have a choice. Memento mori. We’ll see you on the other side.”

Mark is known for his gaming content and comedy productions. With almost 24.9M subscribers, he is one of the most popular gamers on youtube.  His most recent project was ‘A Heist with Markiplier’, YouTube’s first-ever interactive Original production. He also made a series entitled ‘A Date with Markiplier’, dedicated to Valentine’s Day. Ethan was previously Mark’s editor, and was maintaining his own CrankGamePlays channel, where he regularly uploaded gaming content, vlogging and reaction content. The two had collaborated in many previous videos on each others channels, building a large fanbase off their hilarious friendship, including on ‘Markiplier Makes’ along with their friend Tyler Scheid, also known as Apocalypto12. 

Throughout the Unus Annus videos they have already uploaded, the theme is all about new experiences, questioning the different forms of deaths fears and making memories. The channel having a countdown imitates the countdown everyone has till death.  Already the two have dived into some strange yet entertaining content videos, including an escape room, trying acupuncture, recreating a viking funeral, going casket shopping and preserving themselves in wax. As absurd as the videos are, they do provide a less stressful and sometimes even comforting way of looking at death and thinking about “the end”. The duo even recently attended a hypnotherapist session where Mark opened up about the own expectations of his childhood, and the two have shared their experiences with how they felt when losing their loved ones.

While they upload daily on the Unus Annus channel, the two have continued to upload on their individual channels.  They say by the end of the year, only the Unus Annus channel will be deleted, not Markiplier or CrankGamePlays. They added that Unus Annus videos will not be saved at all, and will never be re-uploaded. It is all about the memories that comes from experiencing the content (plus merch!). 

Already there have been many copycat channels, taking the Unus Annus logo, downloading and re-uploading the videos onto their own channels. Mark and Ethan have expressed their irritation, for this saying it defeats the point of Unus Annus if the videos can still be watched elsewhere. 

With the daily content still going strong as promised, it looks like this next year for the two Youtubers will be filled with delightfully ridiculous fun, for them and for the viewers. It won’t last forever, so if you want to be part of the Unus Annus fandom, hurry and see the channel before it disappears forever – as stated over and over by Mark and Ethan: “Remember…everything has an end. Even you.”

unus annus
Photo Credit to Unus Annus

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