Levile will be compiling an annual list of Top 20 rising filmmakers to look out for every year. These filmmakers are part of the new generation that is shaping film culture with their style, passion, drive and phenomenal storytelling.

RM Moses – Filmmaker Remi ‘RM’ Moses as he is affectionately known, creates films that have a unique sense of nostalgia that often makes the audience feel a sense of emotion and passion. His latest work ‘Pride of Lions’ and ‘Pack of Wolves’ has shown the progression this award-winning filmmaker has made in recent months.


Kibwe Tavares – ‘Robots of Brixton’ showcased Kibwe’s CRAZY skill set as a filmmaker. 475k plays on SP Vimeo. Yes, nearly half a million. Big things are expected from this gentleman. 


Koby Adom – From the streets of South London to the halls of London Film School. Koby Adom knows how to create cinematic films with narratives that derive from a deep, real place. The quality of his films makes you want to pay top dolla to see them. ‘House Girl’ is a must watch and we are highly anticipating the release of ‘Hair Cut‘. 


Tomisin Adepeju – In terms of style, Tomisin operates in a lane of his own. Often seen suited and booted, there is an air of class about this gentleman that transcends into his filmmaking.


Nathan Miller – LDN. Ask a grime fan about this documentary and we guarantee that they have watched it. The highly likable Nathan has seen his documentary making skills enhance rapidly. His laid-back style and smooth narration offer a sense of realism that makes him stand out from the crowd.


Marv Brown – Co-creator of online hit series #SWIL featuring online sensation Michael Dapaah, 2017 allowed Marv Brown to display his arsenal of skills to an ever-growing audience. His cinematic wedding videos also deserve a mention and if the Oscars had a category for weddings…he would win every year.


Dominic Sivyer – ‘I am a self-shooting documentary filmmaker who makes intimate, up-close and personal films about people who remain on the fringes of the social spectrum.’ Dominic, we like you. 


Sheridan De Meyers – Born a bred in south London, Sheridan made a name for himself with Netflix movie ‘The Weekend’. Often traveling between London and LA, Sheridan is fast becoming a respected director within the industry.


Tyrell Williams – He directed the #HoodDocumentary which essentially infiltrated London culture…Need we say more?  


Quason Matthews – All round creative Quason Matthews delivered an excellent project last year titled ‘Art of Love‘ starring Actor Duayne Boa represents the male point of view while Lauren Cato plays the role of a committed partner. Quason is a name to look out for.


Adjani Salmon – Full of charisma and guile. Adjani’s online series ‘Dreaming Whilst Black’ will cause a stir. Born in London, moved to Jamaica and then back to London in recent years. This well-traveled filmmaker has plenty of stories to tell.


Sam Masud – As stated by his agent Curtis Brown in his bio ‘Sam is a 2017 Screen International Star of Tomorrow.’ His first feature film ‘My Pure Land‘ premiered at Edinburgh International film festival. His achievements and quality of films are of master level. 

Joseph Adesunloye – Longlisted for two BIFA awards and having seen the success of his film ‘White Color Black’. The film is about a young successful photographer lives a very hedonistic lifestyle in London. Joseph’s attention to detail and confidence makes him stand out from the crowd.


Cornelius Walker – Passion is the word that springs to mind when thinking of this highly talented filmmaker. The suavely named Cornelius Walker’s short film ‘Father of Man’ starring Tosin Cole shows the depth of skill Cornelius has at his disposal as a rising star.


Richard Kattah  – CEO of Little Drops Production, there is nothing little about Richard and his Filmmaking abilities. His short film ‘The Power Of 10’ is a must watch.


Sebastian Thiel – Recently signed to Super-Agent Femi Oguns, IAG (John Boyega, Letitia Wright), Sebastian continues to go from strength to strength. His show Just A Couple was commissioned by BBC three and has received great feedback.


Mathieu Ajan – Self-proclaimed Artrepreneur. Mathieu’s background in photography paved way for a smooth transition into directing. The people’s champion looks set to have a busy 2018. Oh yeah did we forget to mention he is also the founder of Teardusk and Bounce Cinema?


Danny Wonders  – Danny carries himself with so much style you would think he was born into royalty. His style transmits into his stunning visual stories which are relatable, stylish and often empower individuals. His music video background brings a unique flavor to the film industry.


Nathan Byron  – A character that can light up any room. This skilled filmmaker is onto the second series of his online hit show ‘Reality‘. Featured on ‘The Voice’ and ‘MYM’ you can have a chuckle at the very funny/polarizing episodes.

Kashman Harris – Writer by heart. Director by Sight. Writing credits include BBC Eastenders, Director credits include short films, NHS, NME. He likes syllables clearly. Whatever Kashman touches turns to gold. 



    • Ade - March 14, 2018

      Very London centric and it would have been good to have included their online work, a trailer or showereel otherwise you are just talking to those who already know who they are. Also isn’t this list inspired by the one you lot was sponsors on in the last Screen Nation digital awards but you never mentioned them. We gotta spread the love. I’m based in MK and it’s so easy to get forgotten if you don’t live in London yet I’ve made work for BET, CNN and had short films play in the cinema. Love what you do but there is life outside of London.

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      • Levile - March 16, 2018

        Thank you Ade for taking the time to comment. We understand the struggle that creatives from outside London can sometimes face in regards to receiving the same gratification that Londoners do. This is why we have already compiled a list of the Top 15 filmmakers from the outside of London which has already been scheduled for next week. Our list is inspired by the talent we have been observing over the years from online videos, numerous award shows, film festivals and the screen nation digital is media awards is another great example. It would be great for you to submit your work to us via the submissions tab on our homepage so we can review and enjoy your content. Our platform is here to support talent from across the UK and we hope we can support yours in the near future :).

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