Til Death (2017)

Levile was invited to the screening of ‘Til Death back in late 2016. The performances in this short film left a lasting impression. Adi Alfa and Eric Myers are more than just your aspiring an actress and film director. The talented duo are happily engaged and form part of what is a fast growing, award winning production company Bosss Media.

“A Love that Transcends”

This is not your traditional love story. For one it is more of a platonic love between two young women, and secondly, it is a love so powerful it transcends anything on this earth. When Harriet and Phoenix, two girls from Liverpool, England are both found abandoned by their parents as babies, they believe it to be fate that they found each other when they did. Growing up in a children’s home where they are sexually abused and mistreated, for them they had only one escape…each other. In a twisted stroke of fate, everything they ever believed in is threatened to be lost forever, how far will they go restore their unique bond?

This is the first penned and produced a movie by writer and actress Adi Alfa, and London-based production company, Bosss media. After a very successful Kick Starter campaign the movie had financial aid from the public and is now one of Bosss media’s highly anticipated projects. The film has now been submitted to several festivals across the UK and big international festivals also.




Adi Alfa is a multi-award winning actress. In 2014 she won the African Oscar Award for Best Actress in a leading role (diaspora) and the same year won Best Actress at the UK Entertainment Awards. She has also been nominated for an IARA for Best Emerging Actress 2016, a BEAM for Best Actress 2016 and has been awarded the BEFFTA for Best Female Star 2016. Adi is known for lead roles in feature films, Tamla Rose, Ortega And His Enemies and American movie, Jackson Bolt. This is Adi’s first time directing alongside experienced director, Eric Myers and her first penned short film. Adi’s writing has not gone unnoticed and has grabbed the attention of the likes of BBC3 and other independent channels and platforms.

LEAD ACTOR: Jay Sentrosi

Jay Sentrosi is a young experienced stage and screen actor. Previous credits include; A Silent Night, Seventeen & Requiem. The versatile actor has recently caught the eye of some strong casting directors due to his role in ‘Til Death.

 LEAD ACTRESS: Alexandra Johnston

Alexandra Johnston is an experienced actress, having trained at the NYFA in LA where she had rave reviews from her tutors. Upon returning Alexandra was cast in a musical movie, Tamla Rose, alongside Adi Alfa, and again in the multi-award winning feature film, Ortega and his Enemies. As well as an actress, Alexandra is also an established TV presenter.


Eric Myers is a multi-award winning DOP and director. He has won numerous awards at the UK BEFFTA’s and also won the UEA for Best video Director 2015. Having directed countless music videos and a number of comedy shorts and sketches, he has now moved into film directing, to which he worked seamlessly with co-director and Adi. Eric is set to direct a short film, Hope/less and comedy pilot, Size Matters.


‘Til Death has had 12 official selections and film festivals across the world and has won 4 awards so far, including Best Film at the Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival, Best International film at the Women’s Independent Film Festival, Best Screenplay at the Ouchy Film Awards and Best Actress (platinum award) to Adi Alfa at The LA Film Awards.

You can watch the film right here!

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