LEVILE were excited to receive an exclusive preview of Third Acts (2019) created by our friend at BWNG Leon Mayne who is a co producer on ‘The Circle’ series with LEVILE productions.

“a miserable collection of secrets, that’s what any of us is” From the Writer/Producer & DOP/Executive Producer duo behind ‘Brothers With No Game’ and ‘How Did We Get Here?’ comes a new digital short film concept ‘Third Act’. Layered in hidden messages, the story begins on three friends as they embark on a new venture in podcasting. A humble setting for conversation quickly yields tension-filled exchanges between the friends, opening a sequence of events that reveal secrets in their respective relationships. The concept project was put together in 2017 and plays on the idea of three – third act being the final act of a story, three friends, a film split in three scenes and the actions of three people that reveal a secret.


Ashley Bannerman (The Infiltrator, Turn Up Charlie) plays Sidney, an advanced speech and language therapist who strives for ideals rather than the balance of reality. Her moral compass reaches an impasse when her friendship and relationship is tested. Gia Ré (Eli) plays Rose, a radio producer and DJ whose talent and presence lands her a contract with a boutique talent agency. Her witty, affable exterior is haunted by an inner vulnerability; one she can control until her personal and private life crossover. Stephanie Levi-John (The Spanish Princess) plays Adrienne, a self-employed entertainment columnist and blogger. An unapologetic social media darling, she is a formidable yet dangerous force whose ever-growing status brings her closer to achievement but further away from morality. CJ Beckford (Victoria) plays Shaun, a junior agent at a boutique talent agency representing Rose. Michael Akinsulire (Killing Eve) plays Joshua, digital marketer at the same boutique talent agency and boyfriend of Sidney.

Creators Olan Collardy (Eli), Leon Mayne (Binge Watching) and Charlotte Toon will serve as executive producer, writer and producer respectively. The project served as a reunion for the cast and creators: Leon & Ashley (‘Brothers With No Game’ – Canal Plus, London Live) Olan and Gia (‘Eli’ – Film London) Leon and Stephanie (‘Becoming Me’) & Olan and Michael (‘Random Acts’ – Channel 4).

Short scenes will be released on Wednesday 27th March lunchtime, with the full concept project airing on Sunday 31st March at 7pm.

Contact – Leon & Olan

Social Media IG: @olancollardy @themayneevent @lottienot Twitter: @olancollardy @LMWrites


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