With the Drama surrounding Youtube star Shane Dawson, it brings to the forefront the debate around whether cancel culture is actually real and a chance to shift and bring more attention to Black Youtube creators 

Recently old videos of Youtuber Shane Dawson, well-know for his conspiracy series videos, with 9.7M Followers on Twitter have reappeared.  Leaving the twitter-sphere disgusted and wanting to ‘cancel’ him due to his problematic and racist behaviour. Also, Youtube has  stepped  in by removing the monetisation option from his channels,  With the cancel culture being highlighted again it makes me think if Shane Dawson will actually be ‘cancelled.’

The term ‘Cancel Culture’ which is defined by,  ‘as a common practice of withdrawing support for (cancelling) public figures and companies after they have done or said something considered offensive’. Has had long-standing debates surrounding its credibility of the culture, as you can’t cancel someone in real life and debates around who should actually get cancelled.

Moving away from the notion of the cancel culture and looking at the wider picture. There is a chance for a shift to happen and focus on new, up and coming  Black content creators on Youtube, as well as well established Youtubers such as Patricia Bright and Jackie Aina.

Its important that this support is ongoing and doesn’t reduce after the momentum of the Black Lives Matter movement. The creativity of Black Content creators has been highlighted through challenges such as Don’t Rush during this pandemic. If you want some more Youtubers to follow see the list below and leave your suggestions.    

Image from stayhipp

List of Black Youtubers to follow 

Vee Kativhu:



The Triple Cripples:

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