Screened Nights Tonight – Celebrating Film Makers

Screened Night are back tonight with a sold out event. Showcasing 6 of the hottest films from filmmakers up and down the country.

The itinerary for the evening is:

Alt. Life  – Director Teddy Nygh


A powerful short drama starring Elijah Baker about the extreme lengths one guy goes to on social media. The more popular he becomes online the worse his real life gets.

Art of Love – Director Quason Matthews


Art of Love, written by Lauren Cato and Quason Matthews, follows the relationship of a young couple who express the meanings of love from their own unique perspectives. The film aims to explore the true meaning of a often misunderstood word ‘Love’. Actor Duayne Boachie represents the male point of view while Lauren Cato plays the role of a committed partner.

A Short Guide To Re-Entry – Director Anwar Boulifa


‘Short Guide To Re-Entry’ is a British short film that centres on a young offender Khalid who is released from Prison and looks to find a job and a place in society, but finds that reality is tougher than he ever imagined.

Don’t Look Back – Phil Ossai

Dont look back

Directed by Phil Ossai. Through a therapy session, Kay gets to the dark and tragic route of why he is a runner.

Patriot – Eva Riley


Against the backdrop of simmering racial tensions within her rural English community, the life of eleven year old Hannah changes forever, when she meets a boy from a forbidden part of town.

Trapped – Richard Kattah


Starring Leo Watson-Roberts, Archy wants to start a new life, but his evil persona keeps catching up with him, and in this special short the newly reformed night cleaner confronts his inner devil with a real heart-to-heart fight between good and evil.

A collective of exciting short films  will be screened tonight at Dalston Roof top. Find out more information on




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