Nollywoods New Standard – The Wedding Party (2016) – A UK Review by Esther Boomey


Nigerian Movie The Wedding Party (2016) Official Poster


Through a suggestion from a friend, I recently found myself watching The Wedding Party by Nigeria’s own Kemi Adetiba on Netflix. Those of you who are familiar with the ‘clash of culture’ wedding film trope, or have seen films such as: Our Family Wedding or Jumping the Broom, will certainly be entertained by this upbeat romantic comedy.


Lead stars Banky Wellington & Adesua Etomi


The films ensemble cast, consisted of a debut performance from singer Banky W as the groom. As well as the other main actors: Adesua Etomi (the bride); Richard Mofe-Damijo (the groom’s father); Iretiola Doyle, (the groom’s mother); Alibaba Akpobome (the bride’s father) and Sola Sobowale who’s portrayal of the bride’s mother provided the film with some of its best comical and unforgettable moments.

As many will know, Nigerian films are not known for their high production quality or their attention to detail, as the aim for most producers is to shoot quick and mass produce. Thus, with retrospect to the aforementioned, I am glad that The Wedding Party failed brilliantly to fall into any of these categories. From the start to finish, the production value of the film can be seen with the clarity and depth of the cinematography. The world of the bride and groom are drenched in vibrant colours of soft reds and pinks, contrasted against calming blues, greens and creams. The colour palette of every frame alone, allows the viewer to feel as though they are in the film, awaiting the build up and break down of a typical Nigerian wedding day.


Adesua Etomi as The Bride Dunni Coker


Yet, despite all the praise and acclaim, this film has garnered, one cannot ignore the simplicity of its narrative. We are informed from the beginning that Dunni, the insecure Yoruba virgin bride and Dozie, the reformed Igbo womanizer are from separate tribes and financial backgrounds. These differences alone allow the audiences to guess the upcoming turn of events. However, the brewing feud between the couple’s over-the-top mothers, and the drama stemming from the invasion of uninvited guest; a careless best man; an overbearing wedding planner and the groom’s vengeful ex, was enough to keep the audience engaged and create a comical chaotic celebration, with universal appeal to all who watch.


The cast of ‘The Wedding Party’


The Wedding Party’s alone has set the standard for the calibre of what Nigerian films should be, and has done enough to positively change my opinion that Nollywood is moving in the right direction to attain this. Thus, this film has earned a 7/10 from me, as I am assured that anyone who goes to see this film, will leave knowing that this fun romantic film is as comical and extravagant as Nigerian weddings get.



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