‘Can I just say Notting Hill Carnival is the only thing in the U.K that allows me to openly embrace my culture’.- @MeishaMusic

Earlier today it was announced that Notting Hill carnival has been cancelled the first time ever in 54 years. After carnival cancellation rumours spread on theshadeborough a couple of weeks back, Notting Hill reassured all that although certain measures would, of course, have to be put into place, the plans for this summer’s carnival we’re still going ahead. In turn, theshadeborough apologised for the false post. However today- the reality came to light and serves as a confirmation that summer 2020 is in fact cancelled- no matter what Boris is going to outline over the weekend.

Top twitter comments include those questioning ‘ who thought this was really still happening’. Which we agree BUT it is still devastating news. We all knew it was coming but this has just hit everyone differently.  So I wanted to reach out and see your responses to it.

West London native and film director Tulula Sofitsi Docherty told Levile ‘I think it’s really sad to hear because it is such a good event for bringing people together and to be it has always signified the end of summer -the last big event you know? It almost feels like summer itself has definitely been cancelled’. We could not agree more. 

The cancellation of carnival signifies a much greater emotional response- more than other events have. There is no denying that carnival brings people together.  It’s hard to imagine the end of summer without carnival bringing it to an end but we know it is for the best.

Someone who is a strong believer in how much carnival brings to the community is Amar Singh. The West London activist, art dealer and Forbes Under 30 told Levile:  he understands carnival needs to be cancelled due to health precautions but ‘this is a sad moment because it represents coming together as cultures, friends and love. The carnival is the essence of the community and to not have it happening in 2020 is tragic, it literally is’ health, of course, comes first always but we must never forget mental health and the essential necessity for human connections’ 

Kiss radio presenter Alex Mansuroglu echoed my thoughts telling Levile: ‘ I am absolutely gutted but not surprised. Carnival is always a good time for me to link up with friends and just forget about the stress of work and home life. As much as I wanted it to go ahead, the safety of everyone is priority…. Until 2021’ Many twitter users followed this optimism for 2021 carnival stating ‘Notting hill carnival 2021 is going to be the best by force’

Tia Talks presenter had a more optimistic look of carnival cancellation telling Levile: ‘Although Carnival is cancelled this year, the vibes will continue for sure! People will still find unique ways to celebrate West Indian culture with music and food in the meantime.’ 

Journalist Dani Cole believes like the rest of us no matter how sad the news was, it was a good idea due to the virus not slowing down anytime soon: ‘it is a sensible move, given that it is such a popular event and social distance measures would be almost impossible to implement. It would also put unnecessary pressure on emergency services.’ 

We know everyone has bigger worries right now than the carnival cancellation, nevertheless, I thought it was essential to document this tragic moment for everyone. Stay safe and here is to Carnival 2021, we hope to see you there. 

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