Get to know about Nathan Bryon now because it will be a name that will soon be on the lips of many. We allow Nathan to speak freely so check it out below.

I am incredibly, incredibly lucky at this moment in my career, due to the don Derren Litten and his smash show Benidorm on ITV to have been allowed to be an artist full time for the last three years, before that I didn’t even have oyster card money to go and see my girlfriend in Stockwell. A massive thank you to my mum and dad who set me some coins! Even through those TRILL days (hahaha), when we still were making comedy sketches for youtube.

Now I wake up every single day and I write, I plot my next shoot, I meet wonderful creatives who inspire me, or dons who I plan to work with. I go and watch movies that interest me and I go to art galleries trying to play with my mind and make me think and see things differently.

I take being able to be a full time creative an honour because it totally is, I also don’t know how long this will last but I’m not scared by it. I could be serving you a drink at your local pub in a year. Even if I am back at the pub serving I will still be creative it just means I have to share my time with the ‘MAN’. It makes it a tiny bit harder but not impossible at all, and at the end of the day I have to make this work as I am not good at anything else. Literally I’m not (I was the WORST bar man).

My dad told me when I turned down a place at university, “if you want to be a freelancer you better work harder than me”, my mum and dad taught me to have a good work ethic from young and I think as a freelancer I really have tried to match them, don’t get me wrong, some weeks I nail it and other weeks I am staring into oblivion wondering what the f*** is next, playing grand theft auto, but that is art.

People often ask what do I prefer, acting or writing? What is it like being an actor? Or a Writer or a filmmaker, I like to classify myself as an artist, hahahaha I know sounds like a lot of nonsense hahahaha and to a degree it is! But the distinction is important to me because I have Kanye West syndrome, I WANT TO DO EVERYTHING!


I plan to tell stories in whatever way I want, If I want to make a comic book I will, even if only 150 of my friends read it (this has happened before but it still makes me super happy), if I think a story would look dope in an interactive art exhibition then I will (this hasn’t happened but i’ve got some ideas brewing for series 2 of #Reality). If I think it’s a story for the Oculus rift VR I will write it for that (Something that i’m doing at the moment)

I am a master of none of these forms at all… but I will always TRY, maybe I’m just experimenting with form because I am 25 years old and I have no real commitments, but I hope I always keep that…. I just want to tell stories in whatever vehicle I can!

See, when you ask a kid what they want to be, they usually respond with an answer like an astronaut, or a lollipop lady, or a ballerina, or a hedgehog, in their minds impossible really is nothing and as a young artist I’m really trying to keep the doors open as much as possible. I am really trusting myself and my message and lets just see what I come out with, hey at the end of the day if my hearts good, that’s all that matters.

My advice to any young g’s coming up is MAKE F**KING ART and share it, whether that be sending it to your best mate, or putting it up on YouTube, or performing it on the street, don’t be scared of sharing, actually what is the worst that could happen? Most people who are critical of people’s art are people who don’t CREATE art, they are hyper critical because there are intimidated of creating themselves or they are haters in which case leave it out maaaaaaaate. As my mum always said if you have nothing nice to say, say NOTHING FAM! Hahaha ,ok, she didn’t say the FAM bit but you get me. ALSO, this is very easy for me to say as I’m not a perfectionist, I am totally the opposite, I’m a scatty picky headed artist who has an opinion on everything and anything.

I would also say if you can BACK YOUR OWN HORSE, by that I mean, if you can save up whatever money you have, make the pilot you want everyone to believe in, commission that cartoonist you want to draw your character, book a bar and host your live event…. Once you put some money in and lose some, which will happen hahaha trust me I have lost LOADS but gained a nice bit people can see you believe in yourself and in this society, in this reality money is the sign of belief and a sign of confidence, SADLY.

I also want to add if you can’t, or if you don’t have 1p spare which is totally possible in these credit crunch munch times, go to a free local open mic night, go and busk, beg borrow and find a medium to give and share your art for freeeee!!! LOOK at Chance The Rapper he is unsigned and has NEVER sold 1 album but is nominated for 7 Grammys!

My last piece of advice is REALLY enjoying you! Take time to enjoy ya self, fucking SMILE! LAUGH! take time to take care of ya self, watch a DJ Khaled interview and just see how he talks about himself…. It’s amazing, feel empowered, feel inspired, if you don’t feel inspired you are rolling with the wrong dons, you are alive man shittttttt! GO find some inspiring dons, we are the Internet generation there is NO ONE in the world you can’t find a way to contact…. Go watch some Oprah, Go do some YOGA, go watch some Alan Watt’s, as I say, the world is our Oyster Card go everywhere and enjoy everything, we are artists, its DEEEP, but as Stormzy would say, its actually not that deep!

Also go check out my work we’ve got a bag of sketches on our YouTube page Go watch my web-series #REALITY which will be screened at the BFI soon!

Big Love! P.S don’t worry about the spelling mistakes, there are world wars going on! Use your imagination and smile.



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