Moonlight (2016) – A Levile Review


What is ‘A Levile Review‘ you ask?

Narrative: Is the storyline layered with stimulating, emotive content?

Casting: Did the cast members selected deliver their lines with vigour and bring the characters to life?

Cinematography: ‘The art of photography and camerawork in filmmaking’. Did the visuals leave us impressed?

Rating: What we rate the film out of 10.

Quite simply……Magical.

Moonlight (2016) directed by Barry Jenkins.


Chiron tries to find himself in a difficult and harsh environment in Miami. The topics covered in this film are a true modern day depiction of a black male growing up trying to understand and relate to social dilemma’s and issue’s that we face today. This is a story that has never been told in such a compelling way. We are not going to give much away in terms of the storyline. When this is released in the UK on the 17th February make sure you watch this in cinema to fully take in what is a masterful performance and a display of technical filming brilliance. To all our friends in the US, let us know what you think of the masterpiece.


DOP James Laxton and colorist Alex Bickel combined to deliver a visual piece of excellence. The juxtaposition of the dark undertone of the gritty nature of the film to the beautiful vibrancy of the Miami was an angle rarely seen in cinema and held to this esteem. We loved the colour palette throughout the film.


Mahershala Ali , Naomie Harris, Trevante Rhodes, Ashton Sanders.

The casting of this was a unique but excellent piece of work by the casting directors. The ability to strongly cast relatively unknown actors to play Chiron and Kevin simultaneously must be lauded. The journey of each character was thoroughly enjoyable. Naomie Harris upped the ante again by convincingly playing Chiron’s unstable mother. The synergy between the rest of the cast members must not be understated.


Overall, the film was executed very well from top to bottom. It is very hard to critique this film when it feels like everything was produced in a masterful way. The lack a of ‘named actor’ validated the strength of the writing, directing, casting and cinematography. the colours, diversity of the cast members adds to what was already an excellent film. We happily give this film a 9/10.


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