Justice League is out. Finally.

There’s no way I could avoid writing something about this. A few people have been asking me for my POV so here it is!


Spoiler warning by the way. If you haven’t seen this film. DO NOT read this review. And if you haven’t seen it by now…kmt. lol

I think this move was actually… OK.

  • Does it have its flaws? Yes.
  • Is it perfect? No.
  • Is it a step in the right direction for DC…? I believe so.

Alright, so let’s unwrap this Justice League movie… I figured the best way I can do this, is by breaking down each introduction to the characters. It’ll shadow the plot of the movie without going too in-depth into each scene.



We immediately see Superman! But something’s off. He looks weird?

*Sighs* If you know what I know… then you notice the first scene is a re-shoot. Meaning that this was a scene that had to be revisited after the initial completion of production. But we’ll get into that on a later date! (Article coming soon!)


The first scene with Batman is him foiling a robbery to attract a Parademon. This was a brave way to begin the movie. Out the gate we’re seeing two of the main attractions of the film in action. That had me sitting up straight immediately! Following the events of Batman VS Superman (BVS), Bruce Wayne is on a mission to recruit a team of superheroes to battle a war he belives is coming. We see him piecing things together which ends up leading to the ‘Mother Boxes’.


The scene at the bank with Wonder Woman was decent. I was personally a little disappointed. From watching the trailers, I was hoping that the person robbing the bank was somebody we knew from the comics as they weren’t showing his face. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case and it was some random dude. Still a good scene to introduce her with.  BUT I do think she was moving particularly fast for her power set? Maybe I’m wrong, but it was live regardless!

Knowing that we will probably end up getting a WW trilogy, there was no context for how she exists in the current world/timeline following her 1st standalone movie earlier this year. We just had her origin movie which takes place in France (modern day) but there’s no connective tissue from that film to this. In Justice League, it seem that she is living in London. Since when? There is a lack of connectivity to the previous WW movie. This is a bit of a misstep in my opinion.

#SideNote – I’m going to have to admit something here. I was going to go off on one and complain that the image of WW on a statue was not needed as it doesn’t exist.

Wonder-Woman-Warner-Bros thmeis
I didn’t think this was real…

Turns out… it is.

…Well I’ll be damned.


Sometimes it’s better to think before you speak! So, for context, it is a statue of Themis who is the Greek god of natural law and divine order. See the inference there? BTW – its located atop the Old Bailey courthouse in London.


It picks up from the scenes we are already familiar with from the trailers with Bruce Wayne finding Aquaman and trying to recruit. Arthur Curry has been in Sweden (correct me if I’m wrong?!).

Let’s quickly fast-forward to the introduction to Atlantis. Now this was a little confusing. If Aquaman hadn’t been back to Atlantis for some time, why had he gone back this time round? For the majority who have no idea who this character is, this could’ve been done better in terms of breaking this character down.  The quick conversation with future-wife (Spoilers!) Mera is supposed to lead him into the next movie lined up for the DCEU. Not buying it. Again, the scene is another example of poorly executed CGI. And for someone who will eventually be the King of Atlantis, he was getting moved to by Steppenwolf!


We first meet Barry Allen visiting his father in prison and immediately get sense of his comedic character. (#SideNote – I’m assuming the guy who the security guard notifies is Bruce Wayne?) Barry and Henry Allen bond as much as you can with a pane of glass between the two of them. They have a conversation that hints to the past (Reverse Flash?) and Barry making his own future (Flashpoint?). Flash originally have a scene with long term girlfriend Iris, but that was cut out of the movie.


(The above scene was cut from the movie)

Skip to when Bruce and Barry meet. This was a very funny scene. I liked when Barry listed his set of skills, which included Gorilla sign language! Grodd!

Flash was the comedic relief in the film and Ezra Miller did a good job. There are moments that were just too funny! As he is new to the superhero game, he is just baffled by everything. Did you see his face when he sees Cyborg for the first time?! Hilarious!

Flash and Cyborg had a good scene together. This was their ‘bonding’ time. I believe this chemistry follows the reported news that there was supposed to be Flash/Cyborg films in the works. But that might be dead in the water now.


I think this was the best character intro in the movie. We meet his father, Sylas Stone, at Star Labs. Which is conveniently placed around the Kryptonian ship from BVS. Sylas goes home to see Cyborg, who is struggling with his new-found abilities. It was good to see the struggle of accepting who or what he is now after being brought back to life by alien technology (The Mother box). This is elaborated on when Wonder Woman and Cyborg meet for the first time. Wonder Woman uses her past to convince Cyborg to trust others. One of the better characters as well as intros in the film.


Now, I’ll be honest. I was hype to see this guy on the big screen after seeing him in the trailers. Honestly, he didn’t look as good on screen as I expected. Just way too much CGI. Especially on the face.

Steppenwolf VS the Amazon’s. The Amazons are so badass man. They tried to keep the Mother Box away from him but he was just next level.

Other than that, overall, he isn’t the greatest villain. By far. Very one dimensional. Completely CGI. Has disposable creatures and wants to build a world ending machine. It’s all the same ish but different film.


The first major fight with the lead characters is set up against Steppenwolf.

This scene was ok. First time seeing the team work together. Flash is very realistic as he is obviously afraid having never been in a situation like this before. That’s real. Think the best moment is when The Flash aids Diana in getting her sword. The scene was sorta mesmerising still!



Finally! After a good hour of film… Superman returns!


(Before and After!)

Yes, he is in the movie. I hope you weren’t surprised because this was hinted to in BVS. Even though, with that… it doesn’t make sense!

Basically, it didn’t take long for me to get pissed. I do not like how they brought him back to life. That was some BS. If in BVS, at the end, the coffin was shaking, then why does he need help? And even then, using the mother boxes? Nah I am not buying it. In the comics, it was completely different. Check it out here.

S/O to my guy Courtney who clocked the imagery of the sun bringing Clark back to life!

But let’s just get this out of the way. CGI on superman was soooo bad. And there’s a reason for this. Take a guess…? Re-shoots.

Without saying too much, Cyborg is struggling with ‘Blue Beetle’ complex (tell me if you clock the reference lol) and his AI attacks superman. Bad idea. Pet Semetary!  This scene really shows you how strong superman is supposed to be.

I don’t want to go into this scene too much as my description won’t do it any justice. This scene was the best in the movie. Hands down. I’m getting gassed as I write this! My goodness.

Henry Cavill is hench tho. So is Jason Mamoa. Jeez.

The Justice League gym sessions must be serious.


First thought = Damn. These guys are struggling. Steppenwolf is just head and shoulders over the JL members.  Enter Superman = easy money.  The whole JL team is getting battered and Superman swoops back in like; “This guy still bothering you? “

Once again, you can tell these scenes were part of the reshoots as the CGI is obvious.

Steppenwolf ends up exiled once again by his own Parademons. Looks like he’s called back by boomtube…Darkseid? We can only hope.

That was more or less the 3rd act of the film and it tapered out to set the scene for where the rest of the league now stands. Bruce and Diana are at Wayne Manor discussing a round table for members of the future Justice League.

Cyborg gets an upgrade to the suit we recognise from the cartons and comics.  Flash gets a job at a police precinct. Wonder Woman steps out of the shadows and is back to saving people. But for the life of me I can’t remember what the deal with Aquaman is…? (someone remind me!)


This movie has its flaws but it’s good. It’s nowhere near a terrible product. The characters are decent though I can see it failing to connect with most people simply because we are not familiar enough with them as a whole. We simply do not have enough history yet. The lack of connective tissue between BVS and this ‘sequel’ let me down. The action was crazy though. The scene when Superman touched down on the block. And when he looks at flash?! Bananas. The villain was one of the weakest points. Again, not enough backstory and the CGI wasn’t great. Turns out Henry Cavill’s mustache was a greater villain that Steppwonwolf. CGI is a point that people will be bringing up time and time again and I don’t blame them. Production for this movie went through a lot! BTS wasn’t smooth sailing. (More coming on this subject soon!) I think this film sets up the next steps in the universe in a somewhat decent manner. But DC should avoid committing to any large plans just yet until the dust settles from the release of JL. This is a mistake which they’ve made in the past and has caused them to course correct while in the middle of projects, which doesn’t help things run smoothly.

If I had to give this a rating I think I could can happily give this a 6.5 out of 10.

Far from perfect… But an entertaining watch.

What’s next for justice league?  The Aquaman movie has wrapped production and is slated for a December release in 2018.  The script for Wonder Woman 2 is complete and is getting ready to shoot next year. Shazam already has its director and casted its leading roles. That’s at least 3 movies to look forward to in 2018/2019 to continue the DCEU.

#FunFact – DC has not yet given an official name for the universe they are building. DCEU is an acronym that a reporter coined and everyone ran with!

Hang on… You didn’t think I forgot, did you?


Who’s faster? This shouldn’t even be up for debate.  But to appease curious minds and for entertainment purposes, guess it had to be done.  Of course, the result isn’t shown and is left for the audience to decide on.

Superman Flash race finished
No contest…


Deathstroke. Lex Luthor.  The start of ‘Injustice League’? At least after months of speculation we can confirm that Joe Manganiello is playing Slade Wilson. He should be dope!


Hope you enjoyed my review. Please like, comment and share!

While writing this, a couple more topics have come to mind that need to be discussed! So keep a look out for more on DC in the coming week or so!

Peace. DA.

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