With more companies moving towards strengthening diversity within their teams, in light of The Black Lives Matter Movement, ITV has announced their diversity acceleration plan, to drive forward measurable change with diversity and inclusion at ITV.  Which has been formulated following lengthy discussions by key groups such as its leadership team and members on  Inclusion and Diversity Council. Having a key focus on supporting people from Black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds, but also remaining dedicated to improving other key areas such as social mobility and inclusion.

The diversity acceleration plan has five key major components alongside supporting activities. Tackling key areas for example management, representation and career progression. A summary of the five key components is listed bellow 

1. Expanding diversity within leadership teams and management:

Through the development of opportunities for senior leaders within the production and commissioning department. , additionally, new roles for example Group Diversity and Inclusion Director have also been developed 

2. Portraying better representation of  contemporary British life on TV within the next 12 months 

Broadening the diversity of lead actors in ITV dramas as well as presenters in highest-profile programmes.

3. Improving career progression and diversity in TV production:

ITV’s initiative  ‘Step Up 60, which will enable 60 people  to obtain their  first ITV senior editorial and production roles, providing opportunities such as directing and producing episodes on ITV’s recent and recurring drama and entertainment shows 

4. Taking positive action in recruitment at entry-level and senior roles:

Creating 40 new apprenticeship opportunities and utilising candidate selection and assessment tools, in order to limit unconscious   bias 

5. Educating:

Through ‘mandatory race and inclusion training for all staff and on-screen presenters and commentators’     

The progress of the plan will be reported by ITV each year, and to challenge, counsel and advice ITV on its inclusion and diversity activities a  Cultural Advisory Council is being established which will consist of external advisors. Carolyn McCall the CEO at ITV has stated that 

“We want a culture where everyone feels comfortable being themselves and we will listen actively to the lived experiences of colleagues so that we continue to build a fully inclusive culture.”

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