Future Stars – Levile Directors Edition #1

In this segment, we look at new name’s to keep a close eye on in the film industry from across the globe. Here are a few that passed through our studio recently…


Uche Aguh 

Birthplace: Port-Harcourt, Nigeria

Age: 27

Currently Living: Dallas Texas

Filmmaking gives me the opportunity to highlight stories that often go untold, and to shine a flashlight on people that are usually unseen. It creates a space for me to have a voice, using a visual medium. Most importantly, being a director gives me the opportunity to champion for my actors.


Kashman Harris

Birthplace: Greenwich, UK

Age: 27

Currently Living: Finsbury Park

“Filmmaking to me? A Chance to be honest, creative, abstract but ultimately its a platform to communicate and represent an idea of something that truly means something to you”


Marco Clay

Birthplace: Taunton, Somerset, UK

Age: 23

Currently living: Taunton, Somerset

Filmmaking lets me as a director tell stories through a visual medium and capture the audience’s imagination.

Ola Dir9.jpg

Phillip Osai

Birthplace: Tooting, South London, UK

Age: 22

Living: Streatham, South London

Directing/Filmmaking means connecting and speaking to people through narrative motion picture.

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