Fredi ‘KRUGA’ Nwaka releases a new Short Film about gang and youth violence

Due to the spiralling gang and youth violence on our streets, award-winning Writer, Director and Producer Fredi ‘KRUGA’ Nwaka has decided to release his award-winning short film IF ONLY which was premiered at the prestigious London BAFTA almost seven years ago. Starring Nathanial Forsythe, Issac Ewulo & Danielle Isaie the films goes on a journey that showcases the knife crime and workings of inner London.

Fredi Nwaka is an award-winning scriptwriter, film director and actor. Known to many as KRUGA or FREDI KRUGA South West London born Fredi spent his teenage years between the urban back streets of Brixton and the plush opposites of Kings Road Chelsea. Fredi often details his experience in growing up on the rough side of London, having lost over 40 friends from jail to death.

Fredi Nwaka & Chucky Venn at the Back2Black awards

Although his past may not have been a glamorised one, Fredi currently runs workshops and not for profit organisation Creating Role Models creatingrolemodels He is also the founder of BACK2BLACK Awards which takes place at the prestigious London BAFTA, an event and award show that recognises the work done in the community by ‘ordinary’ people and he is the co-founder of an organisation that mentors and supports young people all year round.

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