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A creative agency that focuses of showcasing, documenting and celebrating talent in the entertainment, TV & film industry. Our network provides opportunities to professionals and fresh talent in a variety of sectors in the entertainment industry.
Yes, you can reset your password anytime. Just follow the instructions on the login page.
Unfortunately, you won't be able to make any edits to your uploaded document once you have submitted your application. However, we can upload a new updated attachment (resume/cover letter as one file) and delete the outdated version, but it's not guaranteed the hiring team will be able to see the update if the recruitment is already in progress.
Click on the register tab on the top menu bar, then click on Candidate/Talent profile and be sure to complete your profile registration to a minimum of 80% to be able to apply for jobs.
The login is on the the menu bar on the homepage. Click on the tab and follow the instructions which will direct you to your user dashboard.
Very simple. When on the homepage, click the event tab and follow the instructions. You will automatically added to our mailing list and be the first to know about any news and discounts to our events.
Our admin team are very aware of duplicate and purged accounts. We will delete accounts we feel are not being used appropriately immediately and on some occasions contact the account holder for a review in order to maintain authenticity.
All posts will be reviewed within 1 hour by a member of our team.
This depends on the employer. Responses can be instant or 7 days after the official deadline. If you have not heard back from the employer then unfortunately you have been unsuccessful on that occasion but you can always apply for more suitable jobs!
When you are logged into your candidate/talent profile, you can click on the jobs tab on the homepage and follow the instructions to submit your profile.
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