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Crunchyroll has just announced two more series to their growing Crunchyroll Original label; ‘Tonikawa: Over the moon for you’ and ‘So I’m a spider, so what?’

Back in February, streaming service Crunchyroll unveiled a slate of shows under the banner of ‘Crunchyroll Originals’ whereby the shows will be officially placed under Crunchyroll’s label and studio. One of the most exciting titles has been ‘Tower of God’, an action-adventure South Korean webtoon adaptation set in a fantasy world where contestants compete to climb the mystery tower, where if they make it to the top, their wildest dreams can be realised.


For those unfamiliar with Crunchyroll, think of it as the Netflix of anime. Since its inception back in 2004, Crunchyroll has slowly risen to become the go-to streaming platform for anime with longstanding shows such as ‘Naruto’ and ‘One Piece’ available, as well as more modern titles such as ‘Attack on Titan’, ‘Re: Zero’ and ‘Dr.Stone’.

Crunchyroll has been able to garner such attention in the streaming service world due to their usage of simulcasting. Simulcasting refers to the simultaneous broadcast of a program on more than one medium. This means that as a show airs in Japan, Crunchyroll is able to immediately have it subtitled on their website within minutes for subscribers to watch. In comparison, Netflix’s strategy with anime has been to buy the rights to a show, and place it in their catalogue once the show has finished airing. Many in the anime community refer to this as a show being in ‘Netflix Jail’, as there is no other way of viewing the show legally without having to wait multiple months.

Currently, Crunchyroll has 2.6 million paying subscribers and 60 million users, having also launched their own ‘Anime Awards’ ceremony as well as ‘Crunchyroll Expo’, a yearly anime convention which takes place in the United States.

Crunchyroll Originals isn’t the first time they have delved into original content, having co-produced over 60 series since 2015, however with this, they will be leading the charge for original anime produced in the west. With the rising Western influence in the anime market, we are able to see a more diverse range of content.

This ranges from producing South Korean web-toons which have not had as much of a spotlight as Japanese manga and anime, such as ‘The God of High School’, which received rave reviews after the launch of its first episode this week.


Additionally, Crunchyroll has begun to develop anime with a more western influence, such as ‘High Guardian Spice’, an upcoming anime created by LA-based artist Raye Rodriguez.


Although many of these shows are still to launch, based on what we have seen so far, this is a very exciting time for the anime community and for those who wish to enter it.

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