Reprezent Radio DJ, host and BBC Broadcast Journalist- Kash Jones says ‘he has just scratched the surface’.

His gateway into Journalism is unlike traditional uni stories you hear- it’s a lot more sincere than that- and perhaps why he is quick to praise the profession. Kash admits growing up he was motivated by the talent of his friends and their creative skills.

Kash states ‘Growing up I did not know what journalists really did.’ But what he did know was he wanted to ‘showcase his friends and the skills and talents they had.’ Kash is clear from the get-go of his intentions of wanting to give a platform to interesting stories, talents, and people that traditionally may have not been heard.

It all started with his youtube channel- his vox pop style videos featured him going up to the general public and asking them questions. Lighthearted and funny it actually set him up with many of the foundations he needed to succeed in journalism. The Youtube videos allowed him to meet a wide variety of people and made him not afraid to approach anyone. Kash admits he did not know it at the time he was ‘scaffolding the skills’ needed for Journalism. 

Kash is also modest in his approach to his success. For most people who want to break into journalism, working at the BBC is an avid dream. But Kash is firm in his affirmation ‘this is only the beginning’. When quizzed on how he turns his own dreams into reality he states his athletic background has helped him greatly – ’if I get something wrong, I’ll go again and try a different way. That’s kinda how I navigate’. He admits as well he is still grappling with how he can make the biggest social change.

Faith is a driving factor in Kash’s motivation to push forward. ‘You gotta have faith in your own ability, often a no is not now’. Kash states his faith in Christianity is what gets him through too. ‘ I always believe what is destined for me is meant to happen, steps align’ 

I never focused on the results- ‘our generation can get so caught up on Instagram likes and twitter- like numbers and how that affects us’ – it’s not about the number of people who are watching it- it’s who’s watching it and how it’s impacting their life.’ 

When asked what keeps him pushing regardless of results at the start he goes on to simply say: “Small changes to individual lives… I enjoy seeing people happy- short wins mean a lot to me “prayer means a lot for me” He is quick to state do not get it twisted – ‘it’s hard sometimes.. You’re battling against a media system that was built for a certain type.

I enjoy seeing people happy- short wins mean a lot to me….. prayer means a lot for me

Kash really lit up when talking about  Reprezent radio- exclaiming it’s ‘one big family… everyone there is just there to catch jokes and build themselves’. He believes the dynamic works so well because everyone leaves their egos at the door’. Kash is quick to big up how community radio serves so many purposes because everyone who is there, ‘truly wants to be there and that’s when real moves get made.’

Kash’s advice to young people on how to break into journalism is simple: self-belief. One thing for sure is he wants young people to know not to mold themselves into a ‘stereotype’ they think traditional media wants or the BBC wants. He urges young people to flip the narrative and believe they are the ones that hold value to these big traditional media companies. Young people can offer a new perspective and gauge ideas of social media- something the traditional media powerhouses are dying to break into. This is really powerful when you think about what teaches young people- as many of the ‘skills’ needed to succeed for a career in multimedia journalism are already there. (You just might not know it yet) 

Kash is clear on one thing though:

I am totally against fake news and the divide it creates in society’. But you can also use social media to tell real stories through multimedia platforms. I have to learn about these new things and I’m still YOUNG, like imagine the young people coming through- they are going to be such creative journalists- there’s a beauty in that. I think a lot of people don’t realise the power in that and sometimes it gets on my nerves.

When asked what the best part of working at the BBC is Kash states it is the way the business runs: 

There’s like 1000 different teams working in one building.” Kash goes on to talk about the creative control this gives you at the BBC: ’Ideas never die- even if your team say no- you can go and pitch your ideas to another team, chances are one of the teams are going to pick up on your idea; that way your ideas do not become wasteful.

To conclude Kash’s take on making your dreams into reality is pretty clear: be humble and do it because you have a passion for people and you wanna showcase their stories. As long as you are moving and being proactive- “the fruits do come back in one way or another.” Whether that be through networking or that drunk podcast you made that Saturday night- you got this. 

“Write down your big goal- manifest- do not get it twisted- the big result means a lot of small wins: ‘if I am on the radio talking to people and it can impact one person, If I can make one person feel more enlightened about a story or make one person feel happy – those small things mean the most.”

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