Aaron Roach Bridgeman continues to explore the covert side of the drug underworld in his new Documentary for 5 star.

In this programme, Aaron Roach Bridgeman investigates a shocking child exploitation scandal that is only just coming to light in the UK. Kids as young as eight years old are now being manipulated and coerced by criminal gangs as mules to transport drugs to trap houses up and down the country. Aaron explores the world of child grooming and exploitation for criminal purposes, trying to answer some questions. Why are young kids, often from good families, involved in the drug trade? How widespread is the problem? Can the headlines—that vast networks are operating across the nation—be believed?

Aaron meets two teenagers who are involved in running these ‘county lines’ networks, and is shocked to hear the risks they are willing to take. He visits a ‘trap house’, where the drugs are prepared for young ‘delivery boys’ to sell across the UK. He talks to recruiters, who identify young kids they can lure into gangs. Wanting to learn about the impact having a child caught up in these county lines has on families, Aaron meets a mother who worked hard to give her kids a good life but whose teenage son went from a completely good home to being a ‘scumbag’. In order to see what the authorities are doing to crack down, Aaron goes on a drug raid with Staffordshire Police. He hears the story of an ex-undercover cop who spent 15 years living a double life in an attempt to shut down county lines activity in Northampton.

Aaron is shocked to discover just how many children are involved in dangerous county lines activity, and how this has contributed to a massive increase in street violence. However, a meeting with an MP who is trying to change legislation to stop the exploitation of children by criminal gangs does leave him with some hope.

In his latest documentary, Aaron investigate & explores just how in the UK, in its present day; it is possible that we can have a child who is #8YearsOldAndSmugglingDrugs

Watch his journey into this unbelievable issue…




(Freeview. 30 / Sky. 176 / Virgin Media. 151)



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