Being in lockdown has suddenly drawn me to movies all about being confined in a suffocating location and trying to escape to freedom: Rec, the Cube, the Triangle. Above all, though one that really captured my attention was Ready or Not. 

Borrowing its title from the popular children’s game, this movie takes what is usually childish fun, into a horrific night of murder and sacrificial ritual. On her wedding night, Grace (played by Samara Weaving) is looking forward to a night with her new husband Alex (played by Mark O’Brien), instead, she is sucked into a screwed up marital ritual. The Le Domases integrate newly wedded additions to the family by playing randomly chosen games – Grace chooses hide and seek, where her new in-laws must find and kill her to appease a demon before sunrise. 

ready or not hide and seek
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What is definitely a movie of nightmares with our main character’s mother-in-law chases her with a bow and arrow in a beautiful decorated gothic mansion and her husband struggles between his family and the love of his life, has a deeper message lurking inside. This movie turns out to be an hour and a half long dark comedy, all about stuffy old traditions poisoning down generations of a family, the hilarious and relatable anguish we hold to our family members, looking towards the new with disdain and the power of classism.

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With excellent performances from the cast and with the mixture of humour and horror, this movie is guaranteed to make you laugh, wince in pain, and ask yourself the question ”How much do you hate your in-laws?”


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