You Must Watch Giants The Web Series by Esther Boomey


Giants is a web series, produced by Insecure’s Issa Rae, and Empire’s Jussie Smollett, centering on 3 black millennials who are trying to put their lives together.

The cast, journey (Vanessa Baden Kelly), Ade (Sean Samuel’s) and Malachi, played by creator, writer, and director (James Bland), are each struggling against their own internal demon, their Giant.

Through the episodes, themes of homelessness, depression, male promiscuity and online dating are just a few topics the show manages to depict. Additionally, the series manages to shine a much-needed spotlight on social issues which are often viewed as taboo and stigmatised within the black community. For example, the complexity of mental health and the nature of male sexual identity.

From the onset, the journey is fully aware of her depression and its crippling effect on her. She acknowledges the support of her friends but chooses to go about her life independently. This results in her day-to-day life see-sawing between ups and major downs.

Malachi’s threat of homelessness cast a permanent shadow over him. Struggling to make a living, he uses craigslist’s to find whatever jobs he can. Whether it be delivering cupcakes, modeling or being a male escort with special services. Although the cause is not shown, Malachi’s Giant manifests itself in the form of nightmares that he does not fully comprehend.

Lastly, Ade’s Giant stems from his sexuality, and how he deals with the consequences of revealing the truth to his friends and his family back home.


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In 6 short episodes, Giant has managed to tell the stories of millions who fight these inner demons daily. And with a continually captivated audience, Giants has allowed those who identify with these situations, to challenge themselves and face their own inner Giant, empowering them to overcome whatever journey life takes them on.


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