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With Stormzy’s Observer Magazine takeover last weekend and the recent release of his new album ‘Heavy Is the Head’ on Friday, It’s important to highlight the impact that Stormzy has had not just in music but in education and politics and the effect it has had within society. 

To echo Jonathan Ross’s words in his recent interview with Stormzy, Stormzy  ’ utilises his platform in such an impactful way, as he could decide to just release music and take a back seat on social issues. Instead, he is staying woke about the issues within the society and bringing his own solutions, through scholarships for black Cambridge students. His collaboration with Penguin books has helped shaped a more positive outlook on diversity within the publishing sector, enabling more underrepresented voices to have their stories told.     

I recently came across a tweet on Twitter which showcased how Stormzy has been integrated into an education curriculum at school.  

Once again highlighting to me the influence that Stormzy has had not just within Music. As well as, showcasing how the school curriculum can be modernised with today’s century through cleverly linking the well-known Shakespeare play Macbeth. Potentially helping increase school kids’ interest in English.  That would have definitely got my attention in my English lesson back in the day.  

If you thought Stormzy’s impact stopped at the education you are mistaken, as he has also had an influential role within the political sector, causing a surge in the number of young people registering to vote according to This has even lead to certain politicians tweeting cringe-worthy tweets ( which should have been deleted instantly) in a bid to look cool. 

Anyway, on a much more important note, I am excited to see what Stormzy will have an impact on next following his recent portrait in the National Art gallery.

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