So, once a month I will be putting the spotlight out on books written by Black Minority Ethnics, to raise awareness of the awesome writers within our community.

I believe at times we are not rated for such amazing pieces of work and therefore here it is our space, where I’ll be sharing and reviewing books.

“This month the spotlight shines on

Through the Storm by Martine Ashley”

Overcoming a broken heart is a sorry affair we may know all too well, but thanks to some rather helpful authors books will help get you through that break-up.

Through the Storm is a beautifully and deliciously foreboding, this is an eloquent, thrilling treat of a read. So readable, this is a throw yourself in and gives yourself up kind of book which consists of collection of spoken words. Martine Ashley talksabout going through a storm can feel like hell and how gettingthrough it and making it out on the other side at times may feel like a long the journey but emphasis that the journey is worthwhile. 

How Beautiful and incredibly well-written this book is it,drew me in and I honestly cried the relatability hits parts of me where I was working through myself.  Martine Ashley goes through the journey of heartbreak, letting go, moving on, feeling broken, and healing, finding the strength from within and the will to fight to find and love you again. The author makes it clear that self-care is not selfish, an excuse, self-reliance, one-size-fits-all, or a cure.  I very much agree!

Self-care is not selfish, an excuse, self-reliance, one-size-fits-all, or a cure.  I very much agree!

I found it interesting that the author acknowledged the privilege involved in being able to attend to self-care, as well as to forgive one’s self where some people don’t have anything to spare beyond their focus on survival.  I thought that showed very good insight.

Throughout the book, it emphasis on self-love and the journey to letting go of what we thought would happen with the guy/girl and not getting lost in potential of a guy/girl but being real with self and others. Personally, I love that kind of thing it also emphasis on the importance and value to forgive self.

Key Points I learnt from the book:- Know thyself and Love thyself- You owe it to yourself to be great for YOU are great- Do yourself a favor, Forgive- Do not rush through your emotions, process them- Love will come to you, trust the process

Martine Ashley goes by the twitter name @spicebae, do check her out!!

This book is extremely affordable and will literally transform your life. You can buy the book from Amazon

If you would like to recommend any books email us or tweet @LevileTV & @OmisoreAbi with your book recommendations.

Let’s continue to raise each other up and our hard work of others and bring awareness the amazing authors within our communities.

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