Have you heard about the scandal regarding SPAC nation ‘church’? Yeah, I have too! But If you haven’t, please check out The Exposer.







In Shock


are all the words that come to mind when I think of this ‘Church’.

SPAC nation is a ‘church’ where all the pastors are young, trendy and claim to manage big businesses. Members are allegedly encouraged to make big monthly donations and to show off their wealth publicly in order to make the church look glamorous to attract youngsters. The church promoted Bible drill music through the rappers known as Hope dealers. SPAC nation continues to attempt to ‘infiltrate’ the system and have recently put forward another candidate for election in Croydon council though they have had previous failed attempts. SPAC nation have also claimed to have opened 23 TRAP (Take Risks And Prosper) houses in London. A few are allegedly designated as ‘assisted living’ accommodation which they claim may be funded by borough councils. SPAC also allegedly claim that Jesus was rich and if he were to come back today, he would be ‘drippy’; wearing Canada goose/ brands.

A ‘church’ praised by politicians for tackling knife crime is now being exposed as ‘church’ that allegedly grooms and preys on vulnerable young black people. Where they use the word of God, the security of being surrounded by other Christians who therefore allegedly manipulate the young black people into opening businesses and taking out loans to sow in offering amounts as large as £5000. Businesses are allegedly opened and closed by SPAC nations without trading raising questions about their validity. SPAC allegedly claims their appointed assignments involve soul snatching and giving seed. When they give seed, they regularly engage in the ‘giving of all’. Pastors advise their mentees on how to raise ‘seed’ e.g. take a second job, sell things online, take out loans etc.

It’s very clear that young black children/youth that are being targeted and exploited and that’s why this ‘church’ hasn’t been shut down yet. It is raking in £1 million per year which they claim is through bitcoin investments but is allegedly through making young people take out loans or become loan guarantors without even giving consent! They take the money and leave the kids in debt and treat themselves to properties, cars and Rolexes. 

What disgusts me the most about this? Is firstly the fact that they use the name of Jesus and call this a ‘church’? ‘Church’ is defined as a congregation of people and yes this is what SPAC nation have but the bible define the Church to be “a place where the saints gather to encourage, uplift, edify, guide and use the gifts of the Holy Spirit to help one another” (Hebrew 10:25).

The bible define the Church to be “a place where the saints gather to encourage, uplift, edify, guide and use the gifts of the Holy Spirit to help one another” (Hebrew 10:25).

 NOT a place where they allegedly are used, manipulated and pushed to do such evil things,

Secondly, this ‘church’ knows its target market, by allegedly preying on black people and using them is just sickening. From slavery, black people were taught to hate ourselves and each other as well as to love the wealth of the ‘white man’. This is exactly what this ‘church’ demonstrates. We as black people are better than this and we are growing and able to do better and bigger things now which we were unable to do before. Do not get caught up by social media and materialistic things such as brands where you get caught and trapped into ‘churches’ like this. 

My advice to you is to focus on YOU, you have what it takes. 

You are bigger and better than you think you are. At times it’s hard to keep it moving when you can’t see your progress, when you’ve lost your perspective and when the pain has pushed you past your breaking point. But this is no time to tap out or back down. You will do it.

But in focusing on YOU let’s NEVER forget US.

We must learn to love, care, support and encourage one another, especially within the black community. We should learn to uplift one another and if you see something like this SPAC incidents stand up and say something. Let us not be the generation with the mindset of “well it doesn’t affect me, so I don’t care”. For the black community to surely prosper we must come together, build and own. Let’s keep sharing, keep spreading the word until it is investigated and if true eventually stopped because these are people who are vulnerable, who need that love, that support and that guidance and I don’t know about you but I have been in this position before. You want to feel included, supported and guided. I think this is one of the reasons I admire LEVILE TV so much as it’s ‘From Us For Us’ to bring more opportunity to the black community.

From Us For Us’ to bring more opportunity to the black community.

For those of you involved and need support to get out, my brother and sister drop us an email, call 101 or speak to someone you trust. No matter what has happened or how far you think you have gone there’s support for you and people that care.

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