A new BBC drama that will delve into the unseen side of reality TV and the fame that comes with it is set to hit our TV screens very soon.

Reggie Yates is said to be producing a factual drama that will shine a light on the brutal side of reality TV and what exactly is it that happens once their 15 minutes of fame is over. How does this affect their mental health?  The hour-long special “Killed By My Fame”, for BBC3, will explore the impact of appearing on these types of shows, looking at “instant fame, toxic masculinity, social media and suicide”. 

This documentary comes just months after the suicides of both Sophie Gradon and Mike Thalassitis who had previously appeared in Love Island as well as the death of Steve Dymond who killed himself a week after appearing on the Jeremy Kyle show. Though Love Island has continued to air, daytime TV show, The Jeremy Kyle Show was permanently axed in May. 

Reggi Yates said: “Growing up in television I’ve continued to be fascinated by the evolution of reality TV. I’ve often questioned how affecting whirlwind fame can become once the cameras are gone. All too often the audience sees the glamour and popularity that comes with being in the public eye, but in this drama, we explore the true impact instant fame can have. I’m delighted to be partnering with BBC Three for my television writing debut and having a further creative voice as an executive producer.”

In a year when The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport launched an enquiry into TV company’s duty of care to potentially ‘vulnerable’ participants, this 60-minute film takes a look at what really happens behind closed doors. It reflects on the making and breaking of a reality star and examines what we really know about these people whose fame is borne out of sharing their lives with millions of people every week.

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