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Two years after the sexual assault allegations against Harvey Weinstein emerged, the BBC has produced a feature-length documentary tracking the rise and downfall of the movie mogul. 

‘Untouchable: The Rise and Fall of Harvey Weinstein’ shows how a man with so much authority managed to abuse this power for many years. We see former colleagues and accusers come forward and give details of the method and consequences of the alleged abuse suffered at the hands of Weinstein hoping for justice and change; some sharing their stories on camera for the first time including actors such as Rosanna Arquette, Erika Rosenbaum and Paz De La Huerta.

 This documentary reveals the collateral damage of Weinstein’s alleged abuse, a man that always got his way no matter what. He used his influence within the entertainment industry as a way to exploit women’s dreams, he silenced them by threatening to destroy their careers. Soon after the allegations, the #MeToo movement was born as more women come forward. 

In the documentary directed by Ursula Macfarlane, Weinstein is described as a “monster”, “pig”, “a mafia boss” and other unpleasant words you probably don’t want to hear.   As the criminal case against him continues, the 67-year-old denies all allegations of sexual misconduct and maintains that any sexual activity he has engaged in was consensual. 

It was also previously reported that the producer had spent over 3 years trying to pay off many of the women who had accused him of sexual assault. Well, now they are here to share their stories. This is much more than just one man and the alleged sexual misconduct levelled against him. It’s about giving women the voice to be able to speak out against bullying and abuse. There’s a “Harvey Weinstein” in every industry. Are the big and powerful truly beyond justice or quite possibly UNTOUCHABLE? 

Untouchable: The Rise and Fall of Harvey Weinstein aired  on Sunday 1 September on BBC2 but you can catch up on BBC iplayer 

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