With a 51inch waist and a staggering 6ft4, David Fadd is definitely “all man”. He is on a mission to change the perception of plus-sized male models and carry on the body positivity movement.

Thanks to the likes of Tee Holiday and Ashley Graham there has been a huge amount of progression when it comes to body positivity for plus-sized women. They have been dominating headlines and we see a lot more of them on runways and magazines but we are yet to see this movement for men. There seems to be a stigma surrounding plus-sized male models and they have been left behind by their female counterparts but there’s one man that is trying to change this

David Fadd is a plus-size model, as well as an influencer who has been modelling for over two years. Fadd has been using his social media platforms to spread the message of self-love, having confidence in the skin that you are in and he’s using fashion to do this. David Fadd is currently signed to Bridge Models, an agency focused on “recognising talent not size”

“Plus-sized males, tend to shy away. Strength and power is in being able to own who you are as a person, understand who you are as a person, embrace ourselves, embrace how we look and love who we are as people.” David Fadd told BBC News

Well, we will definitely be keeping David on our radar! Watch this space

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