A collaboration between Levile TV, BWNG productions & The British Blacklist has created a roundtable series called ‘The Circle’, connects a golden generation of creatives and filmmakers together to speak on their journeys, the creative process, the industry, the highs and lows, and the future of Digital, TV and Film.

“I created this project to highlight some of the great minds in front of & behind the
screen. Although there is evidently more work to be done in representation &
inclusivity, it’s important to champion the rich pool of creatives who have been
paving the way for themselves & others in Digital, TV & Film. The Circle will provide
a focal point for awareness, inspiration & camaraderie amongst both up-&-coming
& established creatives as well as edutain audiences” – Leon Mayne

“The opportunity to co-produce and direct this project arose after a phone conversation with Leon Maybe (BWNG prod). I was discussing an idea that was not too dissimilar from a project Akua Gyamfi (The British Blacklist) piloted a while ago. We all discussed how we could create this project and provide a platform to allow industry professionals from a diverse background to represent us with thoughtful & insightful information.” – Ola Christian.

The first episode premieres on Sunday 8th April on BWNG YouTube channel.


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