‘Dreaming Whilst Black’ is a 9-part comedy web series created by the team at 4 Quarter Films that follows a young, passionate, yet naive filmmaker, Kwabena, who struggles to navigate between his dreams and reality.

Written by Adjani Salmon & Ali Hughes, Adjani plays the central character through the series which also stars Dani Moseley, Vanessa Vanderpuye, Tomisin Adepeju, Anyebe Godwin, Rhael ‘LionHeart’ Cape, Roderick Burrows, Lynne Scott, Ethel McGlashan, Koral Neil, Henrique Fonseca & Siobhan David-O’Dean.

The Directors of the series include Ali Hughes, Adjani Salmon, Natasha Jatania, Max Evans, Laura Seixas & Rob Ayling. 

Episode 1 – My name is Kwabena – We meet Kwabena working as a runner on a big film set, where he’s the only person of colour, and no one seems to be able to pronounce his name correctly.

Episode 2 – The Great British Race Off – This episode is a farcical analogy of what it takes for different races and genders to make it in the film industry. In the end, Kwabena gets a job promotion that isn’t quite what he expected.

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