When a new year’s house party takes a sinister turn, a group of friends find themselves as the suspects in a murder investigation.

House Party is the highly anticipated four-part drama from award winning director Josh Bridge and written by Temi Yussuf.

Through a series of flashbacks from the interrogation room, each individual is forced to confront the lies they have told to keep up pretences in this fragile friendship group.

Leading the pack is Derrick (Derek Oppong, The Desert, Shrink), the glue of the group whose blind devotion to long time partner Lola (Sharon Oji, Holby City) maintains the couples seemingly perfect image.

Lola is the house party hostess, confident and bold, she is revered as the matriarch of the group but like her friends, is harbouring a secret of her own. In Lola’s shadow lives the often underestimated Lisa (Tomi Sunmonu, Waterloo Road, Any Exit) who is mirrored by latecomer Ben (Chae McFarlane FAME The musical), a shy tech genius.

Watch the trailer below.

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