‘Huh, whats that annoying hissing sound?’… The sound guy is the Emile Heskey of the production team. He works hard and does not get the appreciation/recognition that he deserves when he is on the field of play.

Imagine holding up your bathroom mop over your head for 8 or more hours, for 2 weeks straight (sometimes more)…yeah, doesn’t sound fun does it…

The role of the sound engineer can be split into two categories:

  1. Sound Production: This includes all the recording on set or location and is often designated to one person.
  2. Sound Post-Production: This often involves the balancing, mixing, editing and enhancing of pre-recorded audio that has been obtained from file.
Sound technician operating a boom pole

The job can be a rewarding one as sound is a critical component of bringing any production to another level. The audience can often notice bad sound very quickly, so good sound should not be considered a fluke or one-off. It is a skill that is honed through practical experience and great attention to detail.

Always remember… you don’t just watch a film, you watch and listen. Audio is 50% of the film.

This one is for our sound engineers!





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