We are excited to announce the official release of our trailer for our short film Co-D.

Plot – A crime drama short film that follows the journey of a young man faced with his father’s potentially terminal illness. This young man is under pressure to try and save his life financially with only the help of his girlfriend.

Monet Morgan – Monet is filmmaker with a lot of promise. Born and bred in NW London, Monet was an award-winning student for being an outstanding media protégée at college. Blessed with an unapologetic style and attitude to produce compelling visuals, Monet continues to make herself with her unique form storytelling despite her tender young age.

An original story by Tola Teriba, young talented director Monet Morgan decided to develop the idea further and turn Tola’s vision into a short film. Levile were approached to come onboard as producers and the marriage was made.

Starring Tola Teriba and as the leads Blaise, the film also features Jaz Hutchins, Rapheal Zari, Justin Marosa, Kevin Mangar and Princess McDonnough.

We hope you enjoy!

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