Charade: The Unsuspecting Wife


A young American woman in Paris played by the elegant Audrey Hepburn is pursued by a number of crooks who want a fortune her dead husband stole from them. The only person she can trust is a mysterious stranger played by the charismatic Cary Grant or can she? 

Charade was released in an era of spy films dominated with male leads, a mystery film that took the genre in a refreshing direction with placing a woman at its centre. In some ways, the movie is suited to North by Northwest in which an ordinary person is cast adrift from a predictable life into a world of espionage, deception and mayhem. Often praised as the most successful Hitchcock picture that Hitchcock never made… Stanley Donen’s stylish thriller is laced with suspense, comedy, murder and romance. The pairing of Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn brings class and glamour to the film. It infuses an earlier era of Hollywood with such charm, sophistication and tastefulness to the witty humour. Alongside the thrilling action sequences, an audience may be as equally entertained by the wonderful chemistry between Grant and Hepburn that make for a fun mix of suspicion, conflict and romance. It’s a terrific, well crafted film that you can go back to and acquaint yourself with its collection of colourful characters and beautiful cinematography. With twists and turns at every corner of its intelligent plot, Charade is one hell of a suave film and absolutely a must watch.

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