For any writer, director or producer, elevating a feature film off the ground can be a Mount Everest of an undertaking, especially if you’re starting out. In which case, most upcoming filmmakers shoot a…Short film.

An awesome way to establish your style. Hell, you might find you want to expand or adapt your short into a feature. Well, a short film can work exceptionally well as promotional material to pitch that feature script. Why not? Film is a visual medium.

Enter your short film into festivals, thus cementing your name on screening schedules, always good promotional exposure. Talk of which, some of the best footage can go straight into that showreel you’ve been building on.

This year’s BAFTA nominees for British Short Film boast the captivating qualities that make a truly astounding short film. The commitment. The artistry. The scope of innovative storytelling and ambition. This is certainly a category that can’t be overlooked.

The future of film appears bright.



Note: Links to cool teaser trailers which are also gateways to the filmmakers vimeo pages, so please check out their amazing work and follow. 



Richard John Seymour – director, photographer and writer                                                                                                              

A cinematic voyage through the mines, landscapes, factories and ports of Chinese production. (19 mins)



Daniel Mulloy – director
Scott O’Donnell – producer
Afolabi Kuti – producer
Shpat Deda – producer                                                                                                                               

Thousands of men, women and children struggle to get into Europe as a comfortable English family sets out on what appears to be a holiday. Starring Jack O’Connell and Holliday Grainger. (20 mins)




Samir Mehanovic – director and writer
Michael Wilson – producer
Bart Gavigan – co-writer
Ailie Smith – co-producer                                                                                                                                          

A child labourer in the burning coalfields of Jharia, India has to make a choice, to do what’s right or to save his dying mother. (15 mins)



Andrea Harkin – director
Farah Abushwesha – producer
Emmet Fleming – producer
Conor MacNeill – writer                                                                                                                                        

Belfast 1972. Laurence welcomes his cousin and man-on-the-run Mickey to a party of drinking, dancing and young love. By morning, reality catches up with them. (15 mins)



Charlotte Regan – director
Jack Hannon – producer                                                                                                                                                

Gary and Jenny share the same cramped ‘office space’ as all beat cops: the front seat of a police car. Starring Andrew Paul and Alexa Morden. (6 mins)

To see the full list of nominees, go to                                                                                                                                                           



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