We Speak To Josh Bridge, Nelson Adeosun & Lekhani

We had the pleasure of speaking to the dynamic trio of the ‘Creative Juice Podcast’  Josh Bridge (Heels Off, Squeeze, Being Mary Jane: Uncovered, Nelson Adeosun (BBC four People’s History of LGBT, Ch4 Health Detectives) and Lekhani.

Firstly, Hi. Can you introduce yourselves individually by stating your name and what you do? Also, state some of your best/recent credits.

JB – Hello, I am Josh Bridge and I am a filmmaker and producer. Some of my credits include ‘Squeeze’ and ‘Handle with Care’ with I both directed and produced. I also produced an online talk show called Heels Off’. I also produced BET: Being Mary Jane uncovered which is a British talk show.

NO – My name is Nelson Adeosun and I am an assistant producer for a Sky Sports show as my day job and also write and direct my own content. Recently I have a show called  People’s History of LGBT (BBC4), Health Detectives (Ch4) and Million Pound Party People (E4). I have also been on the Edinburgh TV Festival’s Alumni board and also won funding from Channel 4 as part of their Alpha Fund.

L – Hi, my name is Lekhani Chirwa, I’m an actress and performer. I have recently just started writing so I guess I’m a writer too! I have performed at the Vaults theatre, Omnibus Theatre and recently just performed my monologue ‘Can I Touch Your Hair?’ at Ovalhouse theatre.

Why did you choose the name ‘The Creative Juice’?

JB – I chose the name The Creative Juice because it was a play on words. I feel like the podcast gives the listeners their fortnightly boost of creativity. Kind of like a mushroom in super Mario lol.

NO – The Creative Juice Podcast was named so because it represents a burst of information and discussion that you get from the podcast similar to when you take a big sip of a drink. We aim to tackle everything from film, TV, web series and more and deliver it in a dose that everyone that enjoy in their own way.

Why did you create the podcast?

JB – I decided to create the podcast because I felt like there wasn’t a platform away from the blogs within the urban Film, TV and online that catered towards individuals that were in the industry or were trying to get into the industry, and with the major growth within the podcast world it just seemed like the perfect fit.

NO – The podcast was made to address the wall of silence that being involved in our respective industries involves. People have no idea how hard it is to put anything together whether it is as an amateur or a professional and the glamour which is shown on TV and beyond masks the huge dedication and hard work that many people have put into their careers. This has made it very difficult for people starting out to get the required know-how and networks to really launch their careers and many people make mistakes or fall out of love with the creative industries due to this.

L – We created the podcast as we wanted to talk about the creative industry and share our experiences. A lot of people starting out don’t necessarily know much due to experience so we thought it would be a great platform for people to listen and gain an insight. We also thought it would be fun to talk about films, tv & theatre, also looking into the diversity of the industry.


Initially, the podcast began with Josh and Nelson, why did you elect to bring in the lovely Lekhani?

JB – Lekhani, was always meant to join us from the beginning but she was unable to join us as she had other commitments at the time.

NO – Lekhani brings a new view to the show with her insight as an actress and someone in front of the camera. She is at the beginning of the career but also goes to drama school which means she can share her feelings about coming up, through and establishing herself in the industry. She also enjoys theatre and brings her thoughts on characterisation and behind the scenes work/expertise to the show. She also balances the bravado and banter between Josh and Nelson.

L – I actually spoke to Josh on twitter. He tweeted about starting a podcast about the creative industry and I thought it was such a good idea. We exchanged numbers and spoke on the phone about the podcast, Josh asked me about myself and what I’d done in terms of acting work etc. We seemed to just click in terms of agreeing what the podcast should be.

Do you feel the UK film industry matches your dreams and aspirations in your respective careers? ie do you believe you can achieve everything you want in this country?

JB – I do believe I can achieve everything I want from the UK film industry it’s growing rapidly especially within the BAME community. Over the years we’ve seen a lot of individuals make amazing strides in industry paving a way and breaking down barriers for the next individuals up like myself.

NO – I believe the industry in the UK is very insular and the opportunities are usually limited and very traditional which I think presents its own challenges but also serves as a personal challenge that if I can make it in Britain I can make it anywhere and the respect British Television carries will serve as a badge of honour all over the world.

L – Yes and no. I feel like it is possible if I’m fortunate! I think I’d be able to match my dreams and aspirations within theatre but I’m not sure about film & tv in the UK. When I look at English actors such as Idris Elba & Naomie Harris I know it’s possible but then I’m pretty sure they both went to America and became a lot more successful out there. Maybe I will need to go stateside for the film industry as it tends to be much more diverse.

What do you want people to gain from your discussions on the show? 

JB – I want individuals to gain an insight into the industry and help spark a discussion on certain topics.

NO – I want people to get an insight into the industry and also see the behind the shows they often watch as sometimes the audience and indeed people outside the industry find it hard to understand the mechanics of the industry.  I also want to discuss many issues and adversities that we have all conquered whilst also doing our best to keep people up to date with what’s going on in the world of TV and film.

L – I want people to gain a better understanding of things they may not have known or thought about before. I feel I want people to feel empowered to go out there and create their own work, to just know it’s possible.

Josh and Nelson, If you had an unlimited budget what type of show/TV series or film would you love to create?

JB – It’s so weird I haven’t actually thought about this you know but if I were to pick something random off the top it would probably be some sort of drama/thriller.

NO – Unlimited budget – I’d make an immersive virtual reality documentary that allows the person to explore the narrative at their own pace and their own way

Lekhani. If you could act in one film? What would it be and why?

L – This is a tough film as there are so many great films I’d love to act in. However, if I had to choose one right now it would be Hidden Figures, the reason being the 3 female lead characters are so strong. They have a voice and are intelligent, often something not portrayed in most films, the women typically only talks about the man etc.

If you could work with 3 people who would they be and briefly state why? (This could be anyone)

JBWill Packer – I feel like he’s probably in my personal opinion the top black producer in Hollywood at the moment. From films like Think Like a Man to Straight Outta Compton to Ride Along. He’s been able to produce hit films back to back and I feel the way he started is similar to what my team and I do at the moment.

Chuck Lorre – He’s been able to have long lasting TV shows that have an average span life of 8 years which I think is really impressive, and none of these shows come off as one hit wonders they improved year after year.

and Tyler Perry – I feel I’d learn a lot from Tyler Perry on how to build a cult but large following from the ground up

NO – Wes Anderson – I love the way he frames his shots and his approach to storytelling and the fact it maintains it’s youth like innocence no matter what subject it tackles.

Jake Gyllenhall – My favourite actor at the moment for all the projects he picks and the quality of his portrayal of fragile characters and their lives.

Dave Nath, James Newton, Dan Reed – Three of the best documentary makers in TV who are so focused on their narrative voices and subjects. The way their films build up and they use visual techniques to build an immersive and harrowing story up is unmatched in the industry.

LSpike Lee, Shane Meadows & Danny Boyle. Simply because I love all their work. I feel they’re all great directors who know how to bring the best out of actors. When I watch their films I particularly look at the actors and just believe the characters so much. I think it would be an honour to work with them all.

Who are your inspirations?

JB – The names mentioned above are my inspirations.

NO – My inspirations are Quentin Tarantino for his unapologetic style and unquestionable style. He is so sure of himself and his writing and film knowledge is so entrenched. Chris Nolan for the similar reason whilst being a master of story and managing projects those both makes money and get great reviews.

L – My inspirations are Michaela Coel, Viola Davis, Kerry Washington & Denzel Washington. 

Have you seen Moonlight? if so what do you think? if not are you excited to see it?

JB – I am yet to see Moonlight. I am very excited to see it, as I’ve heard nothing but good reviews.

NO – Haven’t seen Moonlight but very interested in watching the tackling of black masculinity and also in how the black community reacts to a film that deals with such a taboo film/subject.

L – I haven’t seen it yet but I really want to and I am so excited to see it. I’ve heard only good things!


What is the best film you have watched in 2017 so far?

JB – I’d have to say Split.

NO – My favourite film that has been released in 2017 is a small pool of films (because I haven’t been to the cinema that much this year) but would be split because of its masterful suspense and interesting premise. Masterclass by James McAvoy.

L – I think the best film in 2017 that I’ve watched so far would have to be Hidden Figures, it was so authentic. I loved the acting and storytelling. I was hooked throughout and very emotional by the end.

Who can we expect for your next show or is it a secret?

JB – I’m going to have to keep that a secret but listeners can definitely expect to hear more from their favourite individuals within the industry.

NO – Like Josh said…Watch this space but I’d love to mention my next documentary Letters will tackle a number of issues with contributors writing letters to things or people of their past and reading them out on screen. They all confront demons of their past through this process and for many come to terms with things they have buried or put away for years.

L – have spoken about it briefly on the podcast. I’m looking to develop my monologue ‘Can I Touch Your Hair?’.

And finally…

Can you leave some words of inspiration for your audience?

JB – Words of Inspiration, erm honestly the one thing I can say is just going out and make your dreams a reality. As cliche as it sounds I do believe whatever you set your mind to, you can definitely achieve it and don’t get me wrong it definitely won’t be easy but once you overcome the hurdles you face you’d be more than happy with the results. So honestly just go out and do it!

NO – Simply working hard is not good enough if you don’t try to know everything you possibly can about whatever it is you want to do.

L – Keep going, if you fall off track. Get back on it. Just don’t give up! Work hard and commit to your art!


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