Karen Scott is quite simply one of the hardest working and most desired photographers in the UK film industry, as well as being our recommended Headshot photographer for Actors. 

It means a great deal to me to help an actor on their journey. Your headshot is the single most important tool to get you in the door, and it is my responsibility from the moment an actor gets in touch to make that person feel as confident as possible. Throughout the shoot I am wholly committed to you, not just another actor but an individual with their own personality that I need to portray. It is an honour to be chosen and as such it is my job to help draw out of the actor the different facets of their talent.
It is always a joy to receive emails from actors saying how many auditions and ultimately work they have had since using my headshots, and then seeing faces that I have shot popping up on TV and receiving invites to shows, showcases and screenings!
I also hear of the great feedback actors receive from casting directors and agents about their images, and when actors return several times throughout their career I know that they feel comfortable with me, and trust that my images work. This is very important as I aim to create headshots that are not just a great picture of you but so much more than that.

Taking a headshot starts from the moment an actor arrives, and that person is all that matters for the next two hours. I find it inspiring when I discuss current careers, dreams and aspirations with an actor, and then using their passion to bring out the very best in them whilst shooting. It is a two way dialogue, a great headshot has to be alive and be a true representation of what makes you tick and what you can bring to a part, any part. I really enjoy what I do and feel that having had experience in front of the camera that I can understand how daunting it can be, and so I am aware of how important it is to help you feel at ease.
When editing the image you have to have a certain amount of respect for the actor and artistically a love for creating the very best quality. Simply removing blemishes and boosting contrast is all that is needed most of the time, but each image is as precious to me as it is for the actor and maintaining a truthful representation of you is paramount.
If I was asked to offer any advice to an actor, I would say to be open to (almost!) everything that comes your way – maybe your end goal is to be a film star but the route there could lie in being spotted in a short film or a piece of fringe theatre, you really never know. And also, never stop oiling your skills by going to classes or even getting your actor mates together to do group script readings etc.. And finally, have something else that makes you happy that you can earn from, something creative or otherwise to keep you financially stable in between jobs. It’s not a plan B, just another way to keep you motivated that can run alongside a flourishing career!

Feel free to check out some of Karen’s amazing headshots here.


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