‘Despite splitting up from her ex-boyfriend Michael ,11 and a half months ago and not having had sex in all that time, Mia finds herself supernaturally impregnated (by the Angel Gabriel or Lucifer, nobody is sure whom.In the meantime her best friend Rebecca has been secretly going out and having sex with Michael. When they find out Mia is pregnant, Rebecca wrongly assumes that Michael is the father and that Michael is in effect cheating on them both. She arrives at Mia’s flat to confront the situation’.

Adele has been a professional actress for two years whilst continuing to train at the Actors Class in north London and privately with renowned vocal coach, Leontine Hass.

Her recent credits include ‘Housefull 3’ feature film (Margarett) , ‘Charly’s Aunt’ The London Theatre (Kitty Verdun), ‘Girl-Dem’ The Criterion Theatre (Nippah) and ‘No Sex Please, We’re British’ International tour (Barbara) .

She is also a trained dancer and martial artist.

Adele’s Levile Monologue can be viewed here.

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